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Enables You To Have Unrestricted Connectivity With Your Field Force.

Easy Planning & Scheduling

With our Reporting Software you can create, modify and send tour plans to your medical representatives on the go. Approve or disapprove tour deviations of sales representatives, add visits to doctors, add changed location of doctors, give commands to MR in real time, Add zones as per your requirement, track number of visits completed by medical representative and more, all through a single Reporting Software.

Easy MR, ASM, RSM, ZSM Reporting

This Reporting Software saves time in preparing and submitting medical representative reports. Our Reporting Software automatically creates work report of the salesforce as they work during the day. MR, ASM, RSM, ZSM Reports are submitted daily to salesforce admins through our Pharma SFA Software. You can also create a hierarchy of authorities for MR, ASM, RSM, ZSM Reporting. Reports are available to the salesforce administrators in real time. Reporting Software can make expense report, call report, track and analyse mr reportings, doctor coverage report, attendance report, employee productivity report, start & end time work report, daily activity report of medical representative and more.

Easy Monitoring

This Reporting Software with its unique geo-tagging facility allows support teams to monitor the work of medical representatives throughout the day thereby increasing transparency and accountability in the pharmaceutical enterprise. Our Reporting Software also shows the GPS location of the doctors and making it easier for MR to visit the doctors. If there is a need to change the address of the client it could be easily done with the Reporting Software. It gives an insight of how the visit has gone in real time. Our Smart Reporting comes with OKEP, a tool to check the knowledge of the medical representative about your product.

Smart Analytics

Reporting Software quantifies performance of medical representative teams through powerful analytics provided by Pharma. Our Reporting Software helps in analysis of data gathered by the mrreporting app smartly. Analyze the productivity of employees without needing an expert for data interpretation. Track and make MR, ASM, RSM, ZSM reports for research purpose and make effective decisions. It could integrate with Microsoft Power BI, Jaspersoft and SAP for your management.



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